Your premier full-service Logistics and Distribution company located in Trinidad and Tobago. Our strong network of Transportation, Warehousing and suppliers ensure exceptional service, making global trade effortless for our valued clients.

We are committed to providing our clients the best logistic and transportation services.

Courier Services

We arrange for dispatching through delivery with our Drivers throughout Trinidad and Tobago.
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Arranging Shipments

Local Pickup and Delivery

Freights are negotiated with preferred shipping companies, their sailing schedules are checked for earliest departure and shortest sailing time.
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Sourcing & Purchasing

We can source the products you are inquiring efficiently, quickly and reliably at competitive prices.
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Sales & Distribution

Premier distributor in Trinidad & Tobago for store items, auto parts, and construction equipment. Focused locally and expanding to Caribbean islands, we connect products with quality service and competitive prices.
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Our process is one of the things that makes us very competitive in the logistic market.



Easy Ship TT efficiently accepts, verifies, and records incoming goods, ensuring quality and accuracy before storing or further handling.



Easy Ship TT excels at packaging, labeling, and transporting goods, providing seamless documentation, loading onto vehicles, and real-time tracking.



Easy Ship TT ensures smooth end-to-end delivery, optimizing routes, offering last-mile excellence, confirming receipt, and facilitating hassle-free returns when needed.

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