Diamond Bright Janitorial Services Ltd.

DIAMOND BRIGHT JANITORIAL SERVICES LTD was founded in August 2010 and provides cost-effective solutions for various types of work environments. 

We specialize in creating and sustaining attractive, clean, healthy and safe work environments while focusing on service and excellence. 

Each of our production workers (Janitors) is trained in respect to all cleaning tasks and has each successfully completed the necessary safety training required. 

Our company’s goal is to professionally clean, maintain and service each of our customer’s facilities, buildings and environment to the best of our abilities and with the highest possible standard. 

At Diamond Bright Janitorial Services Ltd, we understand that customers want as few complications as possible, therefore we prioritize Leadership, strong management and direction for each project to ensure services are delivered in an effective and professional manner.

Diamond Bright Janitorial Services


Every business has special needs. We can help you determine those needs and then customize a solution. We offer many different solutions that will provide your business with hassle free service. Identifying the best solution for your facility keeps your workplace safe and healthy, while helping your operation to run smoothly.