About Our Company

Trim Group Ltd was founded in Trinidad and Tobago. We pride ourselves in providing optimum level service to both local and regional consumers while working consistently at finding solutions that meet and exceed the needs of each individual customer.

Our group is diversified comprising of organizations that involve operations in Import and Distribution, Facilities Management, Building Maintenance and Construction.

The Group’s capabilities also extend to Institutional Supplies, Janitorial Products, Tools, Chemicals, Equipment Rentals and Transport. A strong, customer focused approach, conformance to HSE Standards and constant innovation have enabled Trim Group Limited to sustain leadership in its major lines of business.

Our Group’s reputation is founded on a culture of People, leadership, Client Relationships, Teamwork and Community. These principles are firmly embedded in our processes, and embodied in the way we conduct all aspects of our business.

Mission Statement

To deliver the highest standard of professional excellence in service while continuously working at improving the safety of our operations.


Uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all our business dealings.

Develop Talent

Acquire, develop and retain the best talent with a commitment to doing our part to making each individual a future leader.

Vision Statement

To grow as a dynamic, innovative and market driven group and become industry leaders in our respective fields, while maintaining commitment to country, culture and environment.


Contribute to the communities and economies of which we are a part.